Adding and Removing a Sub-Account

If you have a membership that includes multiple logins, you have the opportunity to add additional users to your account at any time. Follow these steps to add them:

1) From the Dashboard menu, select My Account:

My Account 1

2) Select Subscriptions:

Subscription 2

3) Select Sub-Accounts:

SubAccount 3

4) This is the screen where you can either: 

a) Select Add Sub-Account and manually enter the details of the additional account,

Add Sub-Account 4


b) Copy the provided link and send it to the additional account holder, and they can complete the details of the new sub-account.

Signup URL 5


As you add accounts, the system will update you and let you know how many accounts you have remaining to assign.


To Remove a Sub-Account:

Access Subscriptions under My Account and select Sub Accounts.


SubAccount 3

Select Remove.

Remove Sub Account

Your account will immediately update to show an available sub account that you can then re-assign at any time.